We create innovative IT solutions

We are a full-service infrastructure management and IT security systems company for organizations around the world.

We create innovative IT solutions

Jesteśmy firmą oferującą pełen zakres systemów do zarządzania infrastrukturą oraz zapewnienia bezpieczeństwa IT.

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NIS2 Directive

Find out how BTC’s solutions will help implement mandatory NIS2 requirements.


Our products

Every day, thousands of companies use our solutions to streamline the management of company infrastructure and resources and prevent data leaks. Learn more about our flagship products.

A comprehensive solution for managing, monitoring, inventory and ensuring IT security. The eAuditor software supports key processes in the organization, enabling IT departments to save time. It automates operations, providing the ability to grow flexibly and efficiently.
A professional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) class data leakage protection system that offers extensive capabilities to control and lock servers in case of data leakage. It also prevents data loss and allows detection and alerting of suspicious activities on specific data.
A solution for managing personal data in compliance with GDPR. It supports administrators and data protection officers in their daily tasks, enabling them to keep records of several entities in one system. Efficiently supports entities of varying size and organizational structure.
A system for managing technical support processes. It allows overseeing the provided IT services and managing incidents to reduce their negative impact on the organization’s operations. Thanks to a web-based console, it enables handling requests from any device.

System for Whistleblowers

A system for receiving whistleblower reports from Whistleblowers in accordance with the provisions of Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and Council of October 23, 2019. It is primarily a secure channel for reporting irregularities occurring in organizations.

Permission Management System

Comprehensive software that automates the processes of granting, verifying and revoking permissions to IT systems. Effectively prevents leaks of personal data, providing the ability to monitor the permissions of all employees on an ongoing basis.


Innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence. Facilitate IT security management, having a real impact on securing data and evaluating employee activity. The project focuses on the research and development area of artificial intelligence (AI), in infrastructure management and IT security.

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Aptiv Services Poland S.A.

“The software was successfully and timely implemented by BTC LLC, which also provided substantive training in the use of the system. The eAuditor system has significantly facilitated work in our company.”

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