BTC Image to Text AI

Fast and efficient extraction of text from image files

We use a deep learning method in the form of LSTM (long-short term memory) neural networks.

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BTC Image to Text AI

Business use

BTC Image to Text AI

Why should you choose it?

Automation and efficiency

By using deep learning in the form of LSTM neural networks, the solution can recognize text with very high efficiency. In addition, due to the speed of the solution, it is possible to analyze many image files in a short time.

Recognizing sensitive data

Image to Text AI is a key solution for recognizing confidential company documents, such as document scans. This solution, by extracting text from image files, we can use for a document classifier that identifies potential image files that should be secured due to their sensitive content.

Effective protection of the organization

The tool works very well for professional IT management and security solutions. Use of innovative technologies that provide automatic extraction of text from image files. We can combine this solution with other classifiers to provide effective protection for the organization.

BTC Image to Text AI


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