Efficiently manage support processes. The eHelpDesk system makes it possible to supervise requests in order to limit their negative impact on business operations.

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public administration institutions

private entrepreneurs


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We offer modern solutions to streamline the implementation of technical support processes in the field:

Problem management

Counter the reoccurrence of incidents after receiving a report. The system will verify them, find the root cause and reduce their degree of impact on business.

Management of the IT environment

Comprehensively manage IT services to the highest standards. The eHelpDesk system supports the ITIL management methodology, which is a set of best recommendations in this area.

Change management

Efficiently implement changes in the organization. Handle both pre-proposed changes and those with a full approval cycle. In addition, eHelpDesk will automatically generate a shift plan.

Incident management

Quickly resolve incidents from an intuitive system. eHelpDesk makes it possible to register information about a request and then find its solution in the problem database.


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