Ensure the safety and anonymity of Whistleblowers. The system allows for the receipt of reports of violations from Whistleblowers in accordance with the directive.

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For whom is the Whistleblowers dedicated?

public administration institutions

private entrepreneurs


System architecture





The system for handling notifications for Whistleblowers enables:

Two-way communication

The system provides a two-way communication platform, which is done through encrypted feces. Only the Whistleblower and authorized persons have access to the platform.

Full customizability

It is possible to customize the layout and rules and regulations in the system. You can also modify the application form to suit your own requirements.

Generating credentials

The system generates unique login credentials for the Whistleblower known only to him. This ensures the confidentiality of correspondence within the organization.

Multiple profiles support

The customer on the url can establish completely different profiles with separate terms and conditions and independent graphic design. The whole thing is modifiable via the admin menu.


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