BTC Image Classification

Fast and efficient image classification

We use deep learning techniques to automatically classify images.

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BTC Image Classification


BTC Image Classification

Why should you choose it?

Automation and efficiency

By using deep learning techniques, the image classifier can perform categorization with very high efficiency. In addition, due to the speed of the classifier, it is possible to analyze many number of image files in a short time.

Recognizing sensitive data

The image classifier is a key solution for recognizing confidential company documents, such as document scans. Thanks to the deep learning methodology, the classifier correctly identifies potential image files that should be secured due to their sensitive content.

Effective protection of the organization

BTC Image Classification works very well in professional IT management and security solutions. The image classifier, through the use of algorithms based on deep learning, is able to effectively protect the organization by identifying and then securing sensitive company data.

Image classification based on URL

BTC Image Classification has the ability to make classifications based on the URL of the image being analyzed.

High speed and quality

The use of deep learning algorithms significantly affects the quality of the classifier. Its accuracy is greater than 95%. In addition, the classifier has a very high speed of operation, assigning a category takes about 0.1 seconds.


BTC Image Classification provides an API for use in its own solutions.

BTC Image Classification

How does deep learning work in image classification?

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