BTC Process Classification

Quick and seamless classification of system processes and applications

We use advanced algorithms to ensure effective classification of system processes and applications.

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BTC Process Classification

BTC Process Classification

Why should you choose it?

Automation and efficiency

Currently, there is no way to classify processes with great efficiency from the information the operating system offers us. Classification is then not very effective. The BTC Process Classification solution makes it possible to classify any process in a very short time, taking more data than with the standard approach.

High speed

Classification of processes and applications is very fast.

Evaluation of processes for productivity and safety

BTC Process Classification classifies processes not only by returning a certain category, but also returns information on whether a process may be unsafe, or unproductive.

A proven solution

BTC Process Classification works great in professional IT infrastructure management and security solutions.


BTC Process Classification provides an API for use in its own solutions, such as for the purpose of blocking processes from a selected category.

BTC Process Classification

How does the system process and application classifier work?

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