Automate permission management processes. The system allows granting, verifying and revoking authorizations to information systems.

For whom is the Permission Management System dedicated?

public administration institutions

private entrepreneurs


System architecture





The Permission Management System allows you to:

Privilege preview

Check the active authorizations of employees to information systems at any time. The software provides access to the Employee Panel, where users can verify permissions.

Requesting entitlements

Automatically verify permission compliance. With the system, you will reduce the number of employees with improper access to information systems. The system automatically indicates the processing person.

Ongoing monitoring of entitlements

Increase the level of security and move oversight of authorizations to lower levels of the organizational structure. The system allows easy access to the rights held by employees and their ongoing monitoring.

Cyclical entitlement audit

Define cyclic verification of already granted rights to information systems. The verification process in the system is automated and regularly reminds you to perform an audit.


Is the Permission Management System for you?

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