This is who we are

The dynamically changing market environment and globalization are transforming information tools, techniques and technologies. Today, business is dependent on the development of the IT industry on an unprecedented scale. After all, technology is what underpins growth: it sets the course for expansion into new markets and enables the goals set to be achieved. All this requires an IT infrastructure that is properly configured and secure.

And that is our task!

BTC is a company created by the people and with the people in mind.

We are convinced that the human being should be the starting point for all activities. We care about our employees, business partners, customers and other market participants alike. Our Team’s actions are guided by the well-being of the other, which is our overriding value. We focus on respect, trust and partnership.

When we decide to cooperate, we commit ourselves 100 percent.

Our customers come first for us: we make every effort to ensure that they are satisfied with the quality of our services. We are not resting on our laurels. We train and continuously improve our competences. Likewise, we support, inspire, motivate.

Concern for the environment also manifests itself in activities oriented towards corporate social responsibility issues.

We recognize that our operation is not without impact on the environment, the society in which we live and the market. We have therefore implemented a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy in our company.

Our solutions are used by organizations from all sectors.

Our solutions are used by organizations in all sectors. We carry out sales activities based on the broad competence and experience of our employees. We solve even the most complex problems.

You can trust us!