What we believe in

“What makes a company unique are the people. Their know-how, professional but also life experiences. It is also an attitude towards the common good and the surrounding reality. At our company, we have always focused on people, not tables or statistics. For us, this guarantees a sustainable market advantage.”

Maciej Kaczyński, CEO Business & Technology Consulting 

Mission of BTC

We create IT solutions for the 21st century that allow our clients to run their businesses safely and efficiently.

The vision of BTC

We want to be the Top of Mind brand of choice for customers in the context of security and IT infrastructure management. We aim to be a partner that is recognized not only on the Polish market, but also worldwide. Likewise, we hope to be synonymous with development and reliability. We are moving towards being innovators.

The values of BTC

BTC’s management has created, and is successfully implementing, a strategy for the development of BTC Group companies. At the same time, it ensures that the changes being made are conducive to sustainable development. We are committed to improving operational efficiency, better quality of products and services, and more effective cooperation with customers. Creativity and innovation also play an important role in our long-term strategy. We consider self-improvement and competence growth of all employees as one of our key values.

Acting in line with our overarching values, we provide customers with unique, innovative and yet safe products and services. We aim to become an industry leader. We use the profits generated for research, as well as for further development because we are guided by the idea that only movement causes progress.

Our Company operates based on an agreement between all the people who make it up. Such an internal agreement promotes a working environment based on responsibility and commitment. We are advocates of a flattened organizational structure: we walk together towards a common goal. The decisions we make are based on our mission, vision and value system. We differ a lot, but what we have in common is the belief that the work of IT departments can be even more intuitive and secure.

The catalog of values we profess is based on basic and at the same time universal principles that apply to interaction with others. We believe that respect and understanding, both inside and outside the Company, should be the starting point in all activities.

Our organizational culture has been shaped over almost 20 years so that it fully reflects the system of working that suits us best. It is the sum of our experiences and the resultant of individual perceptions. Over the years, we have developed a set of overarching values according to which:

Our customer’s needs are our priority: our eyes are always on our customers because it is for them that we are here.

We are creative and innovative: we use our talents and aptitudes to achieve the maximum of our capabilities using synergies.

We are not afraid of challenges, and we try: the world belongs to the brave, so we always take up the gauntlet and try to find optimal solutions.

We are one step ahead every day: the IT industry is changing dynamically, and we strive to be one step ahead of everyone else.

We do not lack the courage to take key decisions: we believe that important issues should be decided decisively.

We focus on product safety and reliability: we cannot imagine a situation where our customer has a problem with our product – we are here to make our customers’ jobs easier.

We work together: although we work in different teams, this division is only formal – the fruits of our activities are produced in a collaborative environment.

We promote a work-life balance culture: we like our work, but we know that balance is needed in life, so we leave our work responsibilities behind the company door.

We declare integrity and social responsibility: our actions affect us, but also our surroundings.

In our day-to-day activities, we want to be guided by a concern for the common good, both in business and interpersonal relations. We therefore caution that:

  • act ethically: be guided by the basic principles of social coexistence, both towards colleagues and towards clients,

  • treating others with respect and dignity: we treat others as we want to be treated,

  • protect, as well as care for, the good name of the Company: BTC is a shared asset of all the people who make it up, so we care for its image and values just as we care for our private assets,

  • be familiar with and apply the guidelines created by the Company’s laws, regulations and policies: we strive in our daily work to comply with the standards that are appropriate to the Company and its industry,

  • take care of security: our security and that of our business partners is our top priority.