BTC as a publication partner Made [in] Ready“

Our collaboration with the Academy of Art has been ongoing continuously for many, many months. As part of this cooperation, we engage in knowledge and resource transfer, as well as mutual support and motivation. This time, our contribution to the activities of the Academy of Art has taken on tangible colors and shapes. We have become a publication partner „Made [in] Ready”.

The publication summarizes nearly 12 years of the existence of the Audiovisual Workshop. and Performative Workshops. This is part of a project that consists of a series of exhibitions. „Made [in] Ready” among others At the City Art Center in Gorzów and TRAFO Art Station in Szczecin. .

The editor of the publication, Professor Dr. habil. Kamil Kuskowski also invited his colleagues, artists, and art theorists to share reflections on the collaboration and shared experiences over the years. There were also reflections on the state of artistic education. The result of this exchange of thoughts is a over 400-page publication issued in collaboration with BTC Ltd. with LLC.

We are proud to have been part of this project, and we wish the Audiovisual and Performative Workshop continued success and endless inspiration!

BTC partnerem publikacji Made [in] Ready