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BrandsIT: BTC Sp. z o.o. was recognized by BrandsIT Readers as the best in the “Company of the Year – Semi-Northwestern Poland” category in 2021, a testament to the high quality of its products and services. More information

IT Professional: The new version of V8 AI includes 13 functionalities to meet the needs of IT departments in Poland and around the world. Machine learning-based features allow organizations to efficiently manage IT infrastructure and security. More information

IT w Administracji: With artificial intelligence, the eAuditor V8 AI system allows you to strengthen IT security more effectively, as well as automate key processes. The information was featured in the October issue. More information

Computerworld: Personnel monitoring, that is, we increase productivity. If you implement staff monitoring software, you will gain access to a lot of valuable data to improve productivity. More

Computerworld: A system for monitoring people working remotely. More

Let’s talk aboutIT:IT infrastructure management and monitoring. [Podcast] More

Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers: BTC Best Innovator 2020. BTC awarded by the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers in the “Best Innovator” category of Western Pomerania. More

BrandsIT: Endpoint security is important. Protecting desktop and mobile computers is an important part of securing the IT system in any enterprise. More

Computerworld: IAITAM training project launches. Until now, the courses have not been available in Poland. They are intended to be parallel, among other things. They are intended to be parallel, among other things. More

Polish Radio Szczecin: Experts from BTC explain how to take care of IT security in the “Trunk the Mouse” broadcast.More

Szczecinbiznes: Business Pearls caught. The West Pomeranian School of Business and BTC Company for receiving an honorable mention in the Business Pearls poll for launching the innovative online business knowledge portal More.

Computerworld: EN FACE – Maciej Kaczynski (…) president of BTC, a Szczecin-based company specializing in IT infrastructure and software legality audits, author of the BTC Academy project, software designer. More.

Szczecinbiznes: IAI SA i BTC Sp. z o.o. ranked 14th. and 23. place in the prestigious Technology Fast 50 ranking. The comparison, conducted by Deloitte, is based on revenue growth over the past five years. More

Business Zone: Most companies are vacationing, but there are some that have more work. Marasm or relaxation, or how employers see it. More How our Silicon Valley is being hatched. In April, a building will open where young entrepreneurs will be able to rent office space, at preferential rates. The facility is being built at 17 Niemierzyńska Street. Construction of three more buildings in the Szczecin Science and Technology Park is expected to begin this year, with new technology companies to be based there. More

Business Zone: BTC Sp. z o.o., belonging to the ICT Cluster Western Pomerania created on the initiative of the Szczecin Science and Technology Park, was listed among the 50 fastest growing companies in Central Europe in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ranking. More